Prime Warden: Richard David REGAN OBE

Prime Warden: Richard David REGAN OBE

Elected to the Livery: 2007
Elected to the Court: 2009
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Born 21 June 1938. Educated at Wimbledon College. Married to Anne and has 1 daughter and 3 sons.


  • 1960 1965: Fund Management Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd
  • 1965: Appointed to Association of British Insurers (ABI) Investment Committee
  • 1972: ABI Assistant Secretary
  • 1987: ABI Head of Investments and Secretary Investment Committee
  • 1993: ABI Head of Investments and Senior Manager

ABI represented 680 members, managing c£850 billion of investments. The ICGN represented investors from 30 countries managing c $9.5 Trillion.

Until his retirement he was also:

  • Director, International Board, Paris Bourse
  • Bank of England Capital Markets Committee
  • DTI Company Law Review Committee
  • Stock Exchange Pre-emption Group
  • Stock Exchange Listing Rules and Appeals Committees
  • CBI Companies Committee:
  • Company Law Review Committee
  • Institutional Shareholders
  • Committee Member, Share Schemes Advanced Study Group
  • Chairman, International Corporate Governance Organisation

City and Livery Interests

He is a Member of the Court of Common Council of the City of London serving as -:

  • Member of the Police Committee,
  • Police Standards Committee and Economic Fraud Office Board,
  • Governor City of London School for Girls,
  • D/Chairman King Edward’s School Witley,
  • Past Governor Christ’s Hospital
  • Governor of Barrow Hills School
  • Governor Guildhall School of Music
  • Member Livery Committee
  • Trustee City Alms Houses
  • Member Establishment Committee
  • Adviser to the Royal College of Surgeons Surgical Awards Committee
  • Past Master of The Worshipful Company of Cutlers (2002/03)
  • Past Sheriff of the City of London Past
  • Chief Commoner of the City

He lists his interests as music, skiing, village cricket, good conversation and classic MG cars.

Renter Warden:  Jashvantrai Balwantrai JOSHI

Renter Warden: Jashvantrai Balwantrai JOSHI

Elected to the Livery: 2004
Elected to the Court: 2009

Third Warden (Immediate Past Prime Warden): Nigel Baldwin WHITEHEAD

Third Warden (Immediate Past Prime Warden): Nigel Baldwin WHITEHEAD

Elected to the Livery: 1978
Elected to the Court: 2005
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Having left school at the age of sixteen, Nigel has lived an unremarkable but enjoyable life. Before leaving full time education, he was offered a place at RAF Halton to be trained as an aircraft engineer but, under pressure from friends doing their National Service at that time, he was persuaded not to sign up. Despite the high qualifications then stipulated, none of which he had, he was employed by Coutts & Co. the bankers. He recalls being interviewed by two very impressive gentlemen resplendent in frockcoats whilst he, though tidily dressed, was sporting a quarter inch crewcut (It was the era of the Teddy Boy). He was however offered a job starting three weeks later as the youngest clerk ever employed by the Bank and was politely told that “the Bank does like its staff to wear partings in their hair”! In his first year he was given time off to attend the World Scout Jamboree as one of two Queen’s Scouts selected to represent Royal Eltham in SE London. Shortly after starting his work in the City of London, Nigel joined the Honourable Artillery Company in which he spent many enjoyable moments.

The Coutts’ training was an excellent introduction to the world of commerce and eventually Nigel chose the path of surveying for a full time career and worked with one of the then major national firms for sixteen years before joining a friend who had set up a practice with its principal office based in the City.

Nigel is happily married to Marion, a professional musician, and this year they celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary. He shares her interest in music and, in years past, has been the “roadie”, transporting her and her harpsichord to concert venues.

Nigel serves on the Grants Committee of the Friends of Kent Churches, is a trustee of the Kent & Medway Young Musicians Trust and is a member of his local Conservation Area Advisory Committee which enables him to indulge his appreciation of architecture and the church in the English landscape.

A passion shared with his wife is a love of Italy where, for twenty five years, they have kept a home and have established a lasting friendship with an Italian family, the maternal grandfather of which was an artist blacksmith.

Craft Warden: Robin Michael Cox McNEILL LOVE

Craft Warden: Robin Michael Cox McNEILL LOVE

Elected to the Livery: 2006
Elected to the Court: 2012

Father of the Company: Rodney LYONS

Father of the Company: Rodney LYONS

Elected to the Livery: 1960
Elected to the Court: 1989
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The Role and its History

The Father is the only title to be held in perpetuity (those of the Prime Warden, Wardens, the Clerk and the Beadle are elected annually.) With its suggestion of English monasticism, the title is embued with the authority of antiquity. It is always given to the senior Past Prime Warden, who perhaps can be said to compare with the “elders” of other bodies or professions such as “The Father of the House of Commons” and “The Father of the bench.” King Henry IV – in whose reign so much of the nucleus of the Company’s ordinance seems to have been shaped – also became known as “The Father and Friend of the People”. Many and varied are the duties and responsibilities of the Father of a Livery Company. He does, of course, defer to the Prime Warden: who in turn feels secure in the knowledge that the oldest member – with a wealth of experience – is at his side to assist with official formulae or advise on matters unusually difficult which could arise during his term in office. This was particularly so in the earliest days, when the other past Prime Wardens only continued to serve on the Court for a limited period. It is the prerogative of the Father to attend not only the Quarterly Courts, but every other meeting of Wardens. Furthermore, he is automatically invited to “take the Chair” in the absence of the Prime Warden.